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Quilting Lessons In Dorking

At Beare Green Quilter’s Workshops, you’ll find a group of friendly, open and encouraging quilters, sharing techniques and ideas, with each of us working toward something beautiful. You’ll always find a warm welcome in the quilting community. Our quilter’s workshops in Dorking are built around this sense of community so, no matter if you’re a beginner quilter or if you’ve been doing it for decades, you’ll find like-minded people here.

The workshops are led by Ileana Laws, who provides these quilting lessons in Dorking,  encouraging quilters to develop their skills and  their talents. Come and join us!

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We meet every Thursday and can’t wait to see you there. Call  07565 206 858 or email to confirm your place today!

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Quilting workshop instructor

Meet Ileana

Hi there, I’m Ileana! I’m the workshop planner and primary instructor of the Quilter’s Workshops. If there’s one thing that defines me, it’s that I’m passionate about quilting and teaching.  I love to see inspirational ideas and quilting come together to make something stunning and unique. I’ve been interested in general crafts and sewing for as long as I can remember.  Over the years, I’ve combined my two passions, teaching many different types of quilting workshops. These have been specifically designed for all, from beginners to more advanced quilters. There’s no barrier to entry – everyone’s welcome! My  objective is to create quilting  opportunities in Dorking that are a place to learn and have fun!

My Approach

I enjoy teaching all kinds of patchwork and quilting – both traditional and modern. At our quilting lessons in Dorking, we’ll learn and use techniques, tools and tricks that can be incorporated into personal projects and not be afraid to take risks! These workshops are all about  challenging and exploring the your unique creativity that gives each of your projects its own personality.  I believe there are never mistakes, only learning opportunities!  









Beare Green Quilter’s Workshops

It all started (as most things have, these past few years) with COVID. Ileana has worked at The Quilt Room for over 12 years, starting in the shop and making her way into the Longarm Studio. She still works there today!

Sadly, when the pandemic started, face-to-face workshops stopped. Once we opened up again, the opportunity was there to offer quilting lessons close to the Quilt Room. So, the Beare Green Quilters Workshops were born!

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